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Who We Are

Since 1998, HatchetMan Presents has provided grassroots marketing and promotional services locally here in Atlanta, regionally throughout the southeast, and nationally through our friends and partners.

Our efforts more often than not, boil down to having responsible people on the ground, executing a variety of campaigns in metropolitan areas.

From day one, we have worked diligently and professionally to build our single, most important asset: our reputation.

And now, after 17 years, it is because of our carefully maintained reputation that we continue to provide our services to a full range of clients who trust us with their promotions.

Every project we have ever worked on is listed on our Clients & Projects pages.  We like to think the quantity and quality of our clients & projects over the last 17 years speaks for itself.

We are an established, ‘boutique’ marketing and promotions company, who has been making clients happy for 17 years.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your marketing and promotional goals.

Please contact us directly for a custom quote: 404.423.3349 or contact@hatchetman.com