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Who We Are

Photography (5)In 1998, HatchetMan Presents opened for business as a grassroots marketing and promotion company.

Our goal was to work with and help cool people achieve their marketing and promotional goals, without having to sit at desks to do it.

Based in Atlanta, we initially started working with record companies, bands, websites, clubs, etc.

Since then, our client base has changed and expanded to include concert promoters, music festivals, small, medium, and large venues, theatre companies, events, orchestras, universities, foundations, management companies, restaurants, products, other marketing companies, etc.

Photography (4)Over the course of 18 years and 2,100+ separate promotions, we have worked hard to provide our services in a way that builds and maintains our single, most important asset: our reputation.

We believe this is why we continue to provide our services locally in Atlanta, regionally, and nationally to a full range of clients who trust us with their promotions.

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Every project we have worked on since 1998 is listed on our Projects pages.

We believe the quantity and quality of these clients and projects speaks for itself.

We look forward to working with you to achieve your marketing and promotional goals.

Please contact us directly at 404.423.3349 or contact@hatchetman.com