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Dawn Robinson “Envious” (Q Records/Atlantic)
X Box (Microsoft)
The Strokes “Is This It” (RCA)
Lenny Kravitz “Lenny” (Virgin Records)
Transport 5: Quiver (Kinetic Records)
Family Values Tour
BRMC “Black Rebel Motorcycle Club” (Virgin Records)
Saul Williams “Amethyst Rock Star” (American)
Red Star Sounds “Volume One Soul Searching” (Epic Records)
Boney James “Ride” (Warner Bros.)
Kid Rock “Cocky” (Lava/Atlantic)
Jomo Entertainment
Stereophonics “Just Enough Education To Perform” (V2 Records)
Nikka Costa (Virgin Records)
National Millenium 2001 (Lindy Promotions)
Mick Jagger “Goddess” (Virgin Records)
Shpongle “Are You Shpongled” (Kinetic Records)
Shpongle “Tales of the Inexpressible” (Kinetic Records)
The Calling “Camino Palmero” (RCA)
Clear Channel Entertainment
Bathgate “Dear Rich America: My Story To You” (Virgin Records)
Boz Scaggs “DIG” (Virgin Records)
Sandra Collins “Cream” (Kinetic Records)
Dave Ralph “Naturalized” (Kinetic Records)
DJ Dan “In Stereo” (Kinetic Records)
Something 5 (Black Hole Records)
X Games (ESPN / ABC)
Spacer (Palm Pictures)
“On The Line” – The Movie (Miramax/Verizon)
Pete (Warner Bros. Records)
Mariah Carey “Glitter” (Virgin Records)
Brand New Immortals “Tragic Show” (Elektra)
Spearhead “Stay Human” (Six Degrees)
Etienne de Crecy “Tempovision” (V2 Records)
Gorillaz (Virgin Records)
Miranda Lee Richards “The Herethereafter” (Virgin Records)
Perry Farrell “Song Yet To Be Sung” (Virgin Records)
Earthlink Live (Atlanta venue)
Fantastic Plastic Machine “Beautiful” (Emperor Norton Records)
Blu Cantrell “So Blu” (Arista Records)
Doyle Bramhall “Welcome” (RCA)
Placebo “Black Market Music” (Virgin Records)
Black Crowes “Lions” (V2 Records)
Crunch Presents: Music To Sweat To (TVT Records)
Darren Emerson “Uruguay” (Global Underground)
Yahoo Outloud Tour featuring Weezer
NERD (Virgin Records)
National Hot Rod Association
Grand Theft Audio (London Records)
Josie & The Pussycats – The Movie (Universal Studios)
Skindive (Palm Pictures)
Lindy Promotions Bar Crawl 2001
Outsiderz 4 Life (Virgin Records)
2000 Projects