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Disco Biscuits at the Tabernacle, Atlanta 1/31/09 (Live Nation)
Downtown Countdown, New Years Eve at the Hyatt, Atlanta, 12/31/08 (USA Entertainment)
Perpetual Groove at the Georgia Theater, Athens, New Year’s Eve 2008
Space Chimps/Meet Dave DVD Release
Dark Streets Soundtrack Promotion (Giant Step)
Project Scarlet/Blood Money $2 Promo Atlanta (42 Entertainment)
Alvin and the Chipmunks DVD Release
In Flames at The Tabernacle 12/3/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Dragonforce at The Tabernacle, Atlanta, 11/21/08 (Live Nation)
Rival Entertainment Shows for October 2008, Atlanta (Fresh Press Media)
Whitney Chamberlin Photography – Our Labor of Love
All American Rejects – Atlanta Campaign (Giant Step)
Most Interesting Show in the World at The Loft – Atlanta 10/30/08
Friday Flow at Apache Café, Atlanta 11/21/08 (The MetroGnome Agency)
Kicks Country Jam 11/1/08, Atlanta (Woodruff Arts Center)
Paramount’s Original Laser Spectaculat feat. The Music of Pink Floyd
One Republic at the Tabernacle, Atlanta 11/22/08 (Live Nation)
Chiodos at the Tabernacle, Atlanta 11/3/08 (Live Nation)
Drive By Truckers at the Tabernacle, Atlanta 11/1/08 (Live Nation)
Daniel Tosh at the Tabernacle, Atlanta 10/24/08 (Live Nation)
Coldplay at Philips Arena, Atlanta 11/11/08 (Live Nation)
Kevin Spencer at Smith’s Olde Bar, Atlanta 10/26/08
Rival Entertainment Shows for September 2008, Atlanta (Fresh Press Media)
Staind at Lakewood Amphitheater, Atlanta 10/19/08 (Live Nation)
Rival Entertainment Shows for August 2008, Atlanta (Fresh Press Media)
Friday Flow at Apache Café, Atlanta 10/17/08 (The MetroGnome Agency)
Taste of Atlanta 10/11 and 10/12/08
Lewis Black at the Fox Theatre, Atlanta 10/2/08 (Live Nation)
Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Philips Arena, Atlanta 11/16/08 (Live Nation)
Chris Thile & Edgar Meyer 10/18/08 and ScrapArtsMusic 11/1/08, Atlanta (Rialto Center for the Arts)
Alan Jackson 10/4/08 and Kicks Country Jam 11/1/08, Atlanta (Woodruff Arts Center)
Masquerade Mid September Promotional Run, Atlanta (Masquerade)
Mary J Blige @ Lakewood Amphitheater 10/12/08 and Maxwell @ Atlanta Civic Center 11/12/08, (Live Nation)
Crocs Promotion @ Atlanta Civic Center, 9/13/08
Toby Keith 9/11/08 and Brad Paisley 9/18/08 @ Lakewood Amphitheater, Atlanta (Live Nation)
The Roots @ Tabernacle, 10/6/08 and Common @ Tabernacle, 10/8/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Music Builds Tour @ Lakewood Amphitheater, 9/20/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Telepath @ Apache Café, 9/13/08, Atlanta (The MetroGnome Agency)
Atlanta Arts Festival @ Piedmont Park 9/12-9/14/08 (Atlanta Arts Festival)
Widespread Panic @ Lakewood Amphitheater, 10/17/08 and 10/18/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Jungua @ The Fox Theatre, 9/4/08, Atlanta (Fox Theater)
2008 World Tour of Gymnastics @ Philips Arena 10/17/, Atlanta (Philips Arena)
Talib Kweli @ Georgia Theater, 10/18/08, Athens (Georgia Theater)
Robin Thicke CD Release Promo (Giant Step)
Sarah Brightman @ Gwinnett Center, 11/18/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Alanis Morissette @ Cobb Enery Center, 10/15/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Madama Butterfly @ Cobb Energy Centre 10/4, 10/7, 10/10, and 10/12, Atlanta (Atlanta Opera)
Rival Entertainment Shows, July 2008, Atlanta (Fresh Press Media)
Coca Cola Summer Film Festival @ Fox Theater, Atlanta (Fox Theater)
Lakewood Amphitheater Calendar Flyers – July, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Chastain Park Amphitheater Calendar Bookmarks, Atlanta (Live Nation)
T-Mobile Campaign – 7/18/08 and 7/19/08, Atlanta
Rival Entertainment Shows, June 2008, Atlanta (Fresh Press Media)
The Allman Brothers @ Chastain Park, 10/10/08 & 10/11/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival @ Lakewood Amphitheater, 8/12/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Warped Tour @ Lakewood Amphitheater, 7/9/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Madonna @ Philips Arena, 11/24/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Jerry Jeff Walker @ Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Summer Concert Series event flyering
Shawn Colvin @ Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Atlanta
Bob Saget @ Tabernacle, 6/27/08 and Nick Swardson @ Tabernacle, 9/27/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Grassroots Basketball of America
Dethlok @ Tabernacle, 7/2/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Tony Hawk’s Boom Boom Huck Jam @ Lakewood Amphitheater, 7/24/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Cat Power @ Tabernacle, 6/15/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
George Michael @ Philips Arena, 7/31/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Culinaire @ World of Coca-Cola, 6/4/08, Atlanta (Taste of Atlanta)
Tim McGraw @ Lakewood Amphitheater, 6/11/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Alka Seltzer – Consulting
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra @ Verizon Wireless Ampitheater, Atlanta (ASO)
Speed Racer Promotion – end of April through early May, 2008, Atlanta
Wilx @ Smith’s Olde Bar, 4/17/08, Atlanta (Nimbleslick Management & Consulting)
Atlanta Botanical Gardens, Summer Concert Series promotion
Rent @ Fox Theater, 4/25/08 through 4/27/08, Atlanta (Fox Theater)
Bowfire @ Cobb Energy Center, 5/8/08, Atlanta (Live Nation)
Toyota Matrix – posters – March 2008, Atlanta
Distribution – AM PM Guitar Hero 3 Flyers – Atlanta
Toyota Matrix Clingys – March 2008 – Atlanta
Sister Hazel @ The Tabernacle 3/28/08, Atlanta (Holly Mull and Associates)
Toyota Corolla Projections – Wall Finders – Consulting
Kid Rock @ Gwinnett Center, Atlanta – 3/11/08 (Live Nation)
Jungle Island Wanted Poster Campaign – Atlanta (Dog & Pony)
10,000 B.C. – Atlanta, GA (Warner Brothers)
Toyota Corolla Clingys Campaign – Atlanta, GA 2/08
Avril Lavigne @ Philips Arena – 4/18/08 Atlanta, GA (Live Nation)
Stars @ Georgia Theater, Athens, GA 3/22/08 (Georgia Theater)
Roxy Theater Calender flyers – February, 2008 (Live Nation)
Girl Talk @ Georgia Theater – Athens, GA – 3/28/08 (Georgia Theater)
Grand Theft Auto 4 – Wanted Posters Campaign
Vince Vaugn Wild West Comedy Show
VLES.com – Atlanta, GA
Rockstar Grand Theft Auto 4 – Sticker Campaign – Atlanta, GA
Matchbox Twenty @ Philips Arena – 1/28/08 Atlanta, GA (Live Nation)
Jonas Brothers @ Philips Arena – 1/26/08, Atlanta, GA (NHL Enterprises)
Wyclef Jean @ The Tabernacle – 1/25/08, Atlanta, GA (NHL Enterprises)
Barry Manilow @ Philips Arena – 1/19/08 Atlanta, GA (Live Nation)
Killswitch Engage @ The Tabernacle – 1/16/08 Atlanta, GA (Live Nation)
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