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Since 1998, our goal has remained the same: provide our clients with professional, grassroots marketing and promotion services locally in Atlanta, regionally throughout the southeast, and nationally through our network of friends and partners across the country.

We organize responsible individuals in metropolitan areas to execute effective promotional campaigns for a variety of clients & projects.

We believe our success since 1998 is due to our unwavering commitment to provide our services in a professional, organized, accountable, and diligent manner.


After 17 years, we have realized that an idea often sounds great in a meeting or in a conference room, however executing that idea in the real world can sometimes be another story.

The sooner we can get involved with your planning, the better we can assist you to take your idea from the conference room to the street, with as few problems as possible.

Let our real world experience and knowledge help you plan an effective, efficient, and realistic grassroots marketing campaign from the ground up.

Retail Promotion

In any city, there are always going to be various retail locations around town that we like to call ‘promotional material friendly’.

These are locations that regularly allow promotional posters in their windows, or they may have a bulletin board inside, or they may have a table or counter for flyers, etc.

We make it our job to know these locations and have for years distributed promotional materials to them to help our clients reach people where they eat, shop, hang out, and play.

Specialty Retail Promotion

When we are not hitting our regular retail locations, we have often been asked to execute ‘specialty’ retail promotions.

A client may be looking to reach people in a specific area or zip code, or maybe they want to get their materials into specific types of locations based on what they are promoting and who their target is.

These promotional efforts require a bit more leg work and research, but they have proven to be an effective means of helping our clients achieve their marketing goals.

Hand to Hand

hand to handSimple is good and sometimes there is nothing better than to just simply place something directly into someone’s hands.

Thoughtfully planned out, hand to hand promotions are a fantastic way of delivering your message to the exact target demographic you want to reach when they are out at concerts, festivals, events, downtown areas, conventions, theaters, etc.

We carefully take into consideration what is to be distributed, the number of people needed, optimal timing, weather, crowd flow, security, permission, and other relevant factors to ensure the best possible hand to hand promotion.

Car Flyering

Car Flyering

Alone or in combination with some hand to hand promotion, leaving flyers on cars continues to be a method of promotion that works, and one that will keep working as long as there are cars and lots.

Not as in your face as hand to hand work, this method clearly relies on having unfettered access to cars and parking lots.

It is not a tactic for every client or project, but when the right promotional campaign meets the right parking lot, only good marketing and promotion karma happens.

College Marketing

college marketingEvery city we cover has colleges and universities which present great promotional opportunities for our clients.

For years, we have taken our clients’ messages to local schools of higher learning by distributing promotional materials on campus or by conducting hand to hand promotions there, samplings, etc.

Regardless of the tactic, colleges and universities are fun and receptive places to conduct promotional campaigns and we can certainly bring your message to them.

Recruitment & Staffing

recruitment & staffingIf there is one thing common throughout all of our marketing and promotion work, it is access to our network of responsible people.

Whether for a concert, event, convention, product sampling, or something else, we can easily provide you with the people you need to execute your plan.

Let us work with you to recruit, staff, and manage your promotion when you need additional assistance or are unable to.


photographyRyan Pusser, our VP of Operations & Photography is an award-winning photographer based here in Atlanta.

It would be remiss when you have this kind of talent on board not to promote his photography services and skills; we do not talk about ourselves a lot here at HMP but we do not like being remiss.

To check out Ryan’s photography, please visit his regularly updated Instagram page here and email him at ryan@hatchetman.com.

Other Services

Over the years, we have been asked and provided other marketing and promotional services you may need, such as:

-Signage Installation (Music Midtown)

-Bar Activation (Dos Equis and Amstel Light campaigns)

-Walking & Mobile Billboards (Cigalectric)

-Video Projection (Toyota campaign)

-Scouting (42 Entertainment)


Please contact us directly at 404.423.3349 or contact@hatchetman.com